Unseen Yet Known

I delayed starting this blog mostly because I wasn’t sure where to begin. Every day I see God. Because I actively seek this relationship, I experience more and more of God’s presence in my life. Over the years, I’ve practiced being more attentive to God. This discipline is not easy, however, just like practicing piano or a sport, it becomes easier.

Where did I see God today? In the wind, which we cannot see, yet we know is there because of what it touches.

Life Revealed

Life Revealed.jpgI am allowing myself to be led on a journey. It is a path I have not chosen, filled with mystery, darkness, unknowing, longing, joy and love. I don’t know what I am searching for. But what I do know is how I have experienced God in my life. By allowing myself to be led by God, growing deeper in relationship with Christ, and being vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, I am living in a deep place of joy.

Last week my joy was so intense, I paced in my home not sure what to do with all this energy…nervous yet excited. I realized what I needed to do, yet have been very resistant to begin. So I texted my son at college and asked him to help me set up this blog. My sharing these personal stories of faith is the result of God’s voice heard through various people on a pilgrimage I took across the country in August.  Although friends and family have encouraged me multiple times to join social media, I was not interested in adding this to my life…until a monk in western Pennsylvania heard my story and challenged my hesitation. Brother Placid said the world hears much bad news, and stories of Good News are desperately needed in the world.

So here I am. Full of hesitation as I begin, and not knowing where I am being led. I hope you will journey with me.