Instruments of Joy

I am a musician and sharing music brings me joy. Growing up, I remember how hard it was to practice the piano and, many times, I crammed before lessons. In 2007 I created a service of worship; a weaving of scripture, poetry, music, and art, called A Tapestry of Uncommon Prayer. Bringing back my music after years of spiritual drought began to pull me out of the depths. Music became interwoven with faith and my hope was being restored. Working long and hard on the music and pairing it with scripture, the notes spoke to me in a different way and practicing became prayer. In what other ways may I glorify God in my life?

One thought on “Instruments of Joy”

  1. Thank you for being so expressive. Many phrases help me see things differently: Scripture to notes to practicing to prayer. Your feelings are so multi-layered. Love, Claire


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