Deeply Rooted in God

That we may find our rest in you and rise refreshed to serve anew. Te lucis ante terminum. 5-6 C. (tr. Harry Hagan, OSB; 2008)

Why am I, a lifelong Presbyterian, taking vows as a Benedictine oblate today? People have asked questions like, “Are you converting to Catholicism?” and “Will you live at the monastery?” The answers are “no”. I love my church and my family and both have supported me wholeheartedly. I seek a deeper relationship with God; Jesus caught me and the Holy Spirit led me here. The Spirit continues to breathe new life in me.

Becoming an oblate is a personal challenge I am accepting in gratitude and praise for the gifts God has given me. I seek a balanced life deeply rooted in Christ. I have experienced various ways of praying with an ear inclined toward God, who has answered me in unexpected ways. “Here I am, Lord.”

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