When and how did I start on this journey? God has always been with me. It just took this long to open my eyes to God’s movement in my life.

I kept several journals over the years, which helped get me through some difficult times. In 1986, I wrote about God communicating to me through nature the day Mom died. I wrote about a “mysterious sky reaching out to me, compelling me to go for a walk in the beckoning breeze and life-giving air.” I do not remember writing this and details of the day are lost, but what I do remember and appreciated were the people who surrounded me with gifts of love and presence.

I have been grateful for the support of my family and church family who taught me about God and for those who gave me a strong foundation of faith. Building on this, reminds me of a song I teach some of our children at church. “The wise man built his house upon the rock and the rain came tumbling down…the rain came down and the floods came up…but the house on the rock stood firm!”

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