Dimension of God

trees forestI recently heard a Christmas concert given by talented singers and pianists. As I listened to them perform “live,” I realized how much we miss the dimension and the fullness when we hear only recordings of performances. We miss out on the breath, the movement, and the expressions noticed only when we’re near.

Whenever I visit St. Meinrad Archabbey and chant with the monks, I experience another realm within the music which I cannot explain with words. I am usually bothered with out-of-tune music, however, the chanting is so mysterious, devoted, and humble that I do not notice imperfection. It sounds like deep prayer and I feel surrounded by God’s love.

As I seek a closer relationship with God, I realize more and more how necessary it is for me to be living and present so I don’t miss out on God’s dimension, breath, and movement through the Holy Spirit.

To send light into the depths of the human heart – that is the artist’s calling! ~Robert Schumann

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