Faith Formation

Christian education is what I was used to hearing while growing up in my church, but we call it faith formation now. I like the word formation. When something is formed, such as a rock, it often begins sharper, more jagged. Over time, shaped by water or other elements, the rough edges become more smooth; the rock takes on a new shape.

Reflecting on my life as a Christian, I have noticed my “shapes,” both external and internal. Everything I experience and every person I encounter shape me into who God intends me to be. Most of this occurs when I’m not aware of it; surely, even, while sleeping.

Journaling is important in remembering how my life has been shaped. It is never too late to begin writing down these memories and experiences. I have rough edges that need to be brushed by the elements. But, don’t we all? This is how we learn and grow.

The more I draw closer to God the more I realize I cannot journey alone. I cannot live “alone” without God’s help. I cannot be who I want to be for others or who I think God wants me to be without God’s guidance. I need help.

Faith formation is hard work! Rocks are hard, yet they can be shaped with help and time. So can we.

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