Bells of Joy

I suspended a bell in my office at church today. I received this as a gift last Christmas and all year have been pondering where to hang it. I am excited that it’s placed where it can be a visible reminder to me of prayer and joy. Even working in a church, it helps to be reminded of God’s presence.

At the monasteries I’ve visited, bells ring out to call the monks to their community prayers, called the Divine Offices or Liturgy of the Hours. The Benedictine way of life, Ora et Labora, is the motto they live by, balancing their lives with prayer and work.

As a Benedictine oblate, one of my promises is to weave proper balance into all elements of my life. Living outside of a monastic community, without the bells calling me to a regular time of prayer with God, I must be especially alert to God’s presence. The bell in my office will help me to “listen with the ear of my heart” to God and to respond to God’s call with joy and gratitude.

I would love for you to visit me, ring my new bell, and maybe even share stories of joy.

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