O Emmanuel

I love snow! I anticipate it every season and was so excited to see a beautiful snowy landscape when I woke up this morning. By afternoon most of the heavy wet snow had melted from the trees, but I still remember its beauty.

I also remember playing in the snow as a child. I remember staying up late at night anticipating a pending snowstorm (and snow day from school) and I remember waking our teenage son in the middle of the night inviting him to hike and make snow angels with me in the newly fallen snow.

Christmas is almost here. It’s easy to forget the season of Advent when it’s past and there are no more lights to remind me of this special time of year. If I am attentive to God, I am filled with wonder and joy. When Christmas is over, I can still remember and keep this wonder and joy in my heart all year long. For God is with us always.

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