All is Calm

Working at a church over the Christmas season is usually not calm. Although this is a busy season for many, it’s important for me to set aside time to rest in God. When I take time to do this, I am filled with spiritual nourishment. Just five or ten minutes of silence is a choice I can reasonably make each day. Now that I have formed this habit, it’s easier to extend this time of silence.

When I first practiced this prayer discipline, I wondered if anything was even happening. That’s because I had my own expectations of God. Looking back, I now know how powerful this time with God could be. It is important that I leave my own expectations behind and give God the gift of my listening ears. Then, I am open to hearing and receiving God’s still, small voice.

When I spend this quiet time with God, in my heart, even if I am surrounded by chaos, all is calm.

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