Turning to God

My husband and son are attending a men’s retreat, so I decided to have a retreat of my own. After they left this morning I stood in the kitchen and thought about what might bring me joy today. Since our son goes back to college in a few days I decided to bake Grandma White’s gingerbread cookies for him, especially since he located the sorghum used to make them. So I mixed the dough to refrigerate overnight. Then I practiced the piano and had a good workout at the gym.

Later in the day my spiritual companion group, called “Wine and Spirit,” met for happy hour. In our foursome we catch up on news about our families and share where we see God’s presence in our lives. On my way to meet the group, the once cloudy sky gifted us with a magnificent sunset. I pulled into our church’s parking lot to take a picture knowing its beauty wouldn’t last.

There are many extraordinary moments in life that I miss. I’m either too busy to notice the “burning bush” or I notice but don’t choose to turn toward it. What if Moses caught a glimpse of God and didn’t recognize him, so instead of listening to God’s call walked past the bush and continued with his own agenda? Because I have experienced these times I now recognize my shortsightedness. God appears in unexpected moments of wonder and mystery. I must be alert to his presence if I seek the joy that only God can provide.

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