I have said yes to many things and have increasingly given myself permission to say no. Something I added into my life was this daily journal which I share with the world. If you know me, you know I am pretty quiet and don’t talk much. But I do listen. It wasn’t until twelve years ago that I truly learned to listen to God. Along the way I was called to share my story as a daily discipline; the reason I started this blog. But this is not a comfortable thing for me to do. It requires weaving time into my day for reflection, writing and opening up to people I don’t know. Some ask, “How do you come up with so many different writings every day?” I have so many stories to share I didn’t know where to start, but they keep flowing. I said yes to God’s call and a new path on the journey began.

These daily writings may not continue forever, but for now they are a prayer discipline I have personally committed to as part of my new vocation as a Benedictine oblate. Reflecting on my spiritual transformation has helped me to discern where God is leading me. To this way of life I respond with a resounding “yes”!

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