Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

Hiking to the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is a memory I will always remember. I’ve trekked it three times over the years; each an experience of wonder. The temperature difference from trailhead to summit is unbelievable. Trees change from tall evergreens to sturdy, low gnarled bushes displaying their strength against the harsh winds. And above the tree line hardly any vegetation grows due to extreme weather conditions.

One time a cloud accompanied us all the way to within one mile of the summit. My husband and I had limited view of the path ahead until suddenly a dark looming object vaguely appeared before us. The fog immediately lifted and to our surprise a building was unveiled directly in front of us. By the time we reached the summit the sky was clear and the view spectacular. Praise God’s glorious splendor and majesty!

Some of my fondest memories are the cairns. These piles of rocks periodically appear along the path guiding our way to the top. They are symbols of hope for those who may be lost, and I find them to be comforting and hospitable.

I built two cairns in my gardens at home. They remind me of hikes up various mountains over the years. But mostly they center my life on God. Along a journey that can be quite rocky and uncertain, cairns remind me of God’s loving presence, guidance and hope.

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