What Brings Me Life?

I belong to several organizations. There are many more groups I can join, but each requires more time than I can give. I have to decline so many wonderful things because it is important for me to maintain balance. This is not easy for me, especially when relationships are involved, but I try to listen to my heart when making such decisions.

Reflecting on my day helps me notice God’s presence in all that I experience. I savor moments of consolation as these bring me life. In following St. Ignatius’ example of prayer, I also reflect on the challenging parts of the day and pray for God’s help in facing them. I pray that I, in turn, can help others who struggle with their challenges.

Through praying the daily Awareness Examen, either by myself or with others, I am more conscious of God’s companionship with me and more focused on living my life authentically. Through prayer, I believe God reveals his will in ways I cannot always know or understand. Following God’s call requires patience and endurance, but the place I am led is where I find true joy.

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