Warp and Woof

In a piece of cloth, ‘warp’ threads form the foundation of the material. Color, pattern, and texture are created by the individual ‘woof’ threads that complete the fabric. A local church near us created a tapestry from church members’ articles of clothing. Christian beliefs, consistent and eternal, are represented by the ‘warp’. Varied lives and gifts of the church members, represented by individual threads of the ‘woof’, makes the fabric unique.

A tapestry reminds me of a musical fugue. In the fugue, a theme is introduced in one voice and interwoven in different voices throughout the music. When I created “A Tapestry of Uncommon Prayer”, I began to bring back my music hidden for so long. Similar to a fugue, music and faith has become interwoven in my life, and practicing has become prayer.

But where natural music is refined and polished by art, there one first sees and recognizes the great and perfect wisdom of God in his miraculous work of music. The most rare and marvelous musical creation of all occurs when a simple melody is joined by three or four or five other voices, joyfully playing and skipping around it, decorating and adorning that simple, ordinary melody most wonderfully in various ways with various sounds, as if in some heavenly roundelay of dance. ~Martin Luther

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