A few nights ago our church hosted renowned composer, Huang Ruo, who discussed his opera, An American Soldier, premiering this summer at Opera Theatre of St. Louis. The New York Times describes this new work as “blending Western classical idioms with Chinese traditions into a distinctive style.” Huang spoke of Eastern poetry and how the moon has important significance in Chinese culture. The moon can symbolize home, and when family and dear friends are together the moon is bigger and brighter. When apart, looking at the same moon can help family, friends and home feel closer.

Early this morning I was eager to witness a Super Blue Blood Moon, but it was cloudy so I could only imagine it. Later I couldn’t resist taking a picture after the clouds lifted and the bright moon rested near our church’s steeple. I call many places home, including the church. But home is not just a building or even a moon. Home is where God dwells; in my heart.

Henri Nouwen said, “Jesus draws us all into the heart of Love. When we are in the heart of the Divine we are also in the heart of the world, because the world dwells in the heart of its Creator. From our dwelling place in the heart of Love we are free, we can be generous and welcoming while always remaining at home.”

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