When my husband was introduced to “pour-over” coffee, his love for coffee grew tremendously. Although it takes more time to brew coffee this way, the taste has unmatched depth. There is a beauty to slowing down and savoring. It’s a gift I try to weave into my life.

Tonight in handbell rehearsal we rang through “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” It sounded better when it was not rushed. Sure, a slower pace helps us to ring the correct notes and rhythm, but it also allows us to add musicality and savor the lush harmonies. When we ring it in worship on Sunday we will “Swing Slow.”

At St. Meinrad Archabbey the monks recite the Psalms slowly; pausing after each phrase. I appreciate this because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the words more carefully; allowing me to hear something new.

The Latin word for Lent, lente, means slowly. If I slow down a bit, I gift myself time to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds me. These are the times I most often hear God’s voice.

One thought on “Lente”

  1. Very nice and the message resonates with me. Practicing mindfulness is a huge part of my life, which means slowing down, while paying attention to the moment. I also enjoy pour over coffee brewing and it has become my Sunday ritual.
    Thanks for your article.

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