Circles of Care

Temptations surround me as I try to live a faithful life. Ruth Duck writes a beautiful summary of Christ’s temptation in which Jesus’ rejection of each lure is shaped into a prayer. I also encounter temptations as I trek along my spiritual path.

When we are tested and wrestle alone, famished for bread when the world offers stone, nourish us, God, by your word and your way, food that sustains us by night and by day.

When in the desert we cry for relief, pleading for paths marked by certain belief, lift us to love you beyond sign and test, trusting your presence, our only true rest.

When we are tempted to barter our souls, trading the truth for the power to control, teach us to worship and praise only you, seeking your will in the work that we do.

When we have struggled and search through the night, sorting and sifting the wrong from the right, Savior, surround us with circles of care, angels of healing, of hope, and of prayer.

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