Tonight I attended our Taizéstyle worship service. At dinner before the service, we discussed how challenging it can be to sit in silence. Friends have admitted to their fear of silence. I feel as if my personality is naturally attracted to the quiet so I can only imagine the difficulty others might endure. Yet, I believe in the power of quietude so much that I would spend time with you right now to lead you in silence. I invite you to visit me so I can share with you this experience of quiescence. I admit that it is challenging for me to continue this discipline regularly. Yet, in my heart I know this is how I can best hear God’s voice guiding me.

So here goes… let’s take five minutes right now to close our eyes and try to think of nothing. Each day, a minute can be added. The importance is in doing it each day, whether or not we feel anything. No expectations. The Holy Spirit takes over. Thanks be to God!

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