Mourning into Dancing

In Kindermusik today we had a guest musician, Miss Rebecca, and she brought her brass instruments to share. The children loved the various sounds they produced, especially the one reminiscent of an elephant. The children even collaborated with Miss Rebecca by playing an ostinato on their glockenspiels while she played the tune on her French horn.

We talked about what causes us to feel happy and sad. One of the children held up a bandaged finger. Another child was sad about her grandparents living far away. Happy thoughts were mostly about the sun shining after so many cloudy, rainy days. We listened to music, and they guessed whether it sounded happy or sad by holding up a “face card”; one side showing the child smiling and the other side with a frown. It amazes me how children can be sad one minute, then full of happiness and joy the next. Children teach me to dance.

Any dance of celebration must weave both the sorrows and the blessings into a joyful step…To heal is to let the Holy Spirit call me to dance, to believe again, even amid my pain, that God will orchestrate and guide my life. ~Henri Nouwen

Praise the Lord! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with tambourine and dance; Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! -from Psalm 150

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