Pausing for Breath

Today I attended “Art in Bloom”, a celebration of art and flowers. At one of the events, I experienced traditional Japanese arts with a soothing tea ceremony and ikebana demonstration showcasing the beauty of Japanese flower arrangement.

The ikebana method stresses the importance of shape, texture, line, and seasonal change when arranging flowers. Elegance in simplicity. Plants are used in their entirety and the life cycle can be seen in the art; beauty even in decay. Another feature of ikebana is asymmetry; for nothing in nature is symmetrical. What resonates with me the most about ikebana is that space is part of the flower arrangements and the emptiness does not need to be filled in. Less is more.

Many times, I have tried to fill my days, yet the days I leave open are often more fulfilling. Sometimes I must give myself permission to rest and breathe. There is beauty and fullness in those pauses.

4 thoughts on “Pausing for Breath”

  1. So very lovely! I enjoy reading your thoughts and reflections each day. Please keep sharing as it is such an inspiration. xo


  2. beautiful anne. taking time to sit and observe God”s creation is so wonderful. What a sense of peace and gratitude this bring. btw, i am going to Art in Bloom in Raleigh in a few weeks. can’t wait. hugs


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