Hear My Cry!

I’ve been fearful of something for awhile and, at times, this rules my life. It takes form physically, causing me to feel dizzy at random times. Years ago I had a brain MRI to determine the cause. When the results came out clean, I was relieved, but I realized how powerful fear can be when allowed to take control. I still fear, but with prayer I feel peace knowing God is close, keeping my feet from stumbling.

Yesterday during a prayer time of lectio divina, the words that spoke to me were, “Forgive all that binds me in fear…help me to transform weakness into strength.” A friend asked me about my perceived weakness. When I told her, she was surprised and instead of weakness, saw strength. She felt I was courageous to even face my fear. Sometimes it takes another person to help in discernment; pointing to a different way of thinking.

I regularly pray with text from music and hymns; I turn to them, especially in times of fear. In a few weeks, at church, I will play “O, Divine Redeemer! Last night I prayed with Charles Gounod’s powerful text and music as I played it on the piano. In the words of Nan Merrill (Psalms for Praying) it enfolded me in the arms of Love, filled me with God’s Holy Spirit, restored in me the joy of God’s saving grace, and encouraged me with a new spirit.”

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