Audio divina

I attended a beautiful concert last night in the sacred space of the Cathedral Basilica. Tenebrae sang a poignant piece called Path of Miracles, written by Jody Talbot about the Pilgrimage to Santiago. Along the way hundreds of thousands of travelers experience many hardships and discomforts.

You have left behind the life you lived before…Dates become meaningless; a day is merely the passing of the sun from one hand to the other, from behind you to in front…Then you slough off your worries. There is only one thing to worry about now and that is whether you and your feet will last the day. ~Andrea Kirby

As I listened to the concert in the vast darkness lit by candles, I could imagine the people and what draws them to this path. Parts of the music initially are filled with discordant notes depicting lament and desolation. Throughout the piece is a constant, rhythmic walking pulse. About halfway through the long journey the steps become less heavy, and the music bursts into joy as the destination appears. Yet our journey continues.

Changed by the journey, face and soul alike. ~Robert Dickinson

The sun that shines within me is my joy, and God is my guide. Anon 13th c.

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