Victory Over Death

As I continue to share my stories of faith, I’ve continued to feel a bit uncertain about sharing stories of joy in a world so full of hurt. But then I read the following beautiful writings by Kathleen Norris, a voice I needed to hear:

Mary’s telling of the good news is a task she has passed on to us. How do we recognize that we have seen the Lord, and how do we reveal this glorious truth to others? How do we dare speak of salvation and hope in a world so full of injustice, hatred, violence and deadly accident? This is the challenge and the mystery of Easter. For me it helps to remember that the victory song of Miriam is one of the most ancient in our scriptures. For many thousands of years the faithful have been able to stand tall and sing: “Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously.”

We thank and praise you, Lord, for the gift of your victory over death, for the gift of holy awe that comes upon us as we enter into our Easter joy. Christ has passed from death to life; may we always know you as our way through the desert, our food and drink as we thirst. You are our safe passage through treacherous waters and the home that awaits us at the end of all our journeys. In our doubts and in the pressures of our busy lives, we seem to lose you. Help us remember that you are always with us and that your way is always before us; we have only to pay attention to hear you call us by name. Teach us to recognize you in one another and with deep gratitude continue to bear witness to the life and hope with which you sustain the world. Amen.

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