Today I weeded. Hmmm. I am not gifted in gardening, so it’s a challenge for me to tell a weed from a not-so-much weed. I saw purple splendor in the yard. After investigating I realized they were violets, considered “weeds,” but so beautiful! If I’m weeding, but leave a weed in the ground, am I actually weeding? I guess you could call me a confused non-gardener. It make sense to me that anything taking over the garden needs to be removed so it doesn’t keep others from living. Yet some weeds are edible and may also be used in herbal infusions or tea. Weeds will always live in my yard, but I will be attentive to the needs of all plants. Sort of like a balanced garden of Benedictine virtues.

What I do know is that many parts of me need to be removed. These “weeds” are usually apparent, though some are overlooked. I will always carry them, but when I remove the weeds that suffocate new growth, I allow the sun to shine through and good things to grow in their place.

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