Cerulean Blue

Someone told me their child ate a crayon. The closest I’ve come to eating a crayon is chewing on those wax soda bottles filled with pastel liquid. But I have a crayon story too. While on a retreat I was asked to select a crayon from a large assortment, write down the name of the color, and describe its characteristics in the first person point of view. “I am Cerulean Blue. I am the color of the ocean and the sky. I feel peaceful and calm.” Then I was invited to replace the crayon’s name with my own name and notice the similarities. Many times I make choices based on how comfortable it makes me feel, though I do try to switch things up a bit. I recently selected a color to paint the labyrinth “walls,” but I consulted with several other members before making the final decision. The final choice…stop by church on Saturday to see! I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the blue family.

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