Today it finally felt like spring, so a friend and I (you guessed it!) walked an outdoor labyrinth. As I wound my way to the center my thoughts were scattered. Reaching the middle, I settled on a log and continued to pray. Many things were distracting; the neighbor’s lawnmower, people spreading mulch nearby, an airplane overhead. Then I tuned in on the birds. So many birds! So many songs! They seemed to be talking to me from all different directions, bickering and beckoning me to this or that, adding more to my “to do” list. I couldn’t even appreciate their unique timbres. Then it happened. It took me a long time, but gradually I began to think of their songs as praise to God. I walked back out of the path; lulled into slow, prayerful steps. A decision I needed to make was solidified and a new thought surprised yet delighted me. I enter prayer with no expectations and I always find that God is with me, but many times I just need to change my perspective.

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