The Door

Here begins the story of the door. This door, delivered to church today, is from Defiance, MO. It is nothing special. Just a plain door that was no longer needed. Until now and I’m so excited! I was looking for a door that would become a table; an artistic expression of scriptural themes for the prayer room at General Assembly in June. The text of the commissioned hymn for this large gathering contains door imagery. Hence, the reason behind the search. Now that the door is found, I need to find the artist. Not just any artist. This person may not even know they’re an artist. I am looking for someone with a story to tell; a person who has experienced upended doors and longs to be welcomed at the door-turned-into-table where all who are hungry are fed. I am certain this person will appear. And I have no doubt that this “nothing special” door will become a powerful proclamation of God’s Word.

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