Gaga was her name. She was a woman of strong faith even after losing her husband and her only child, my mother. As Gaga was about to leave this earth in 2009, my sister called with the shocking news in the middle of the night. Not quite knowing what to do, I asked my sister to hold the phone to Gaga’s ear. I ran to the piano; my mind rushing, thinking, “What will I play?” and instinctively chose the first movement of Beethoven’s Sonata in E, opus 109. The ending, with beautiful harmonies gradually lifting up and up the keyboard, sounded to me like Christ’s Ascension. It amazes me how clear our thoughts can be in times of stress; as if someone else has taken over. I don’t recollect many details surrounding Gaga’s death, but I do know that I felt God’s loving presence abiding with me.

“O lead my spirit; O raise it from these heavy depths, transported by Thy Art that fearlessly and joyfully it soar up to Thee. For Thou, Thou knowest all things, Thou alone canst inspire. ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age. – Matthew 28:20

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