There is someone in my life who I don’t thank enough. My stepmother. I cannot imagine living any one else’s life, but I am pretty sure it’s tough to live the role of an “adopted mother.” Although I am not able to call her Mom, I am grateful for her in many ways. After Mom died, she became a very important person in my father’s life. Not only do they share loves and joys such as art and opera, but for many years, they were companions and business partners as owners of The Beechmont Inn.

Oma is the grandmother of our children; always exclaiming, “Who loves you?” She delighted in sharing books with her grandchildren and, when authors stayed at their inn, signed books usually appeared on our children’s bookshelves. She has generously given us many things over the years including much needed furniture enabling our first child to move out of our home. Her excellent knowledge in real estate led us to our first home and she always has answers or is eager to research the possibilities. Her love of baking and cooking is exceptional, and learning kitchen skills from her has brought me much joy. In fact, it was during one of my visits that she introduced me to a beautiful book by Peter Reinhart, inspiring my passion for baking bread.

Although we don’t share the same ancestry or heritage, she has been a mother to me in many ways. We are all beloved children of God. Loved, lovable, and loving. Who loves you? God does and so do I.

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