Awake, My Soul!

Today was one of those days I was just “not feeling it.” It began when I woke up, thinking of all the things left to do in increasingly shorter periods of time. The upcoming big event, General Assembly, is approaching, and things are finally pulling together. But with any large-scale project, there always seem to be missing pieces that cannot be answered until the action begins. This can be unsettling, however; that’s when faith kicks in. So during morning prayer, the line that jumped out at me, begging to be prayed, was, “Awake, my soul!” Repeating this phrase carried me through the day and continues into tonight. Sometimes my soul needs a bit of a “jumpstart,” and then I’m fine. But, it takes me to realize that’s okay and to then act on this need to refuel. By reawakening my soul, I can then help others find the path to energize theirs.

2 thoughts on “Awake, My Soul!”

  1. The beauty and gentleness of this day , temperature, soft breeze, filled me with thankfulness and wonder for all the marvelous gifts we are given day in and day out.


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