Unexpected Humor

My day began with an unexpected series of events. I’ll share one: the labyrinth socks weren’t dry. A very kind person washed them overnight, but the hotel dryer must not have worked since they were still wet hours later. They were handed to me along with another kind person’s hairdryer borrowed from her hotel room. I decided I didn’t want to spend the morning drying socks with a hairdryer, so I promptly headed outside to line them up in an obscure place along the convention center sidewalk. Theo, the door greeter, was another very kind soul. Watching me carefully placing socks, he came outside and offered the use of his truck rack to serve as a dryer. How wonderful! Not only did the hot air dry them in no time, but it brought a few chuckles from people heading to meetings.

Labyrinth socks or shoe covers protect the canvas from oils and dirt. Many visitors have been walking the labyrinth this week as a tool for prayer and to help in discerning tough decisions. The discussions and meetings are likely to get more intense throughout the week. When my life is full and doesn’t feel quite balanced, I try to allow time for prayer; even walking a labyrinth. But I am especially grateful for times of unexpected humor.

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