Not for Naught

I had a long conversation today with someone I’d previously met but hardly knew. Our conversation then moved to an event that occurred twelve years ago; a convention which we discovered we had both attended. As we talked it became clear that he and I had participated in the same class; a workshop inviting us to experience various forms of contemplative prayer. I told him how significant that time was in my faith journey. In fact my exposure to these new ways of praying caused me to learn more about spirituality and led me to a deeper relationship with God.

I then learned that the workshop leader had taken a break from publishing books in order to focus on a new way of teaching. This “new way” is just what I needed at that time in my life. Now that I’ve become reacquainted with his name, I look forward to sharing my story with this leader who has no idea how his workshop planted seeds that were scattered and sown across the country. No, I don’t have to tell him my story. If I don’t, there is no loss. But if I do, maybe this is a way I can participate in being God’s messenger. Maybe my story will light a spark for him; helping him to realize that yes, yes, what he taught so many years ago was not for naught. It reached the corners of my soul, allowing openness for the Spirit to enter and be heard. My eyes were opened, and over the years I have learned how to truly live and love.

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