Sometimes You Just Have to Bake!

Just writing about balsamic vinegar is causing the sides of my tongue to salivate. When I learned that adding a touch of balsamic vinegar to fruit, such as strawberries, brings out their flavor, I couldn’t believe it until I tried. Sure enough, it worked! Last year, I made peach ice cream with a balsamic vinegar swirl…wow! Guess what? The peaches are ripe. So excited to make it again.

A few days ago, the temperature outside “cooled” to a pleasant 85 degrees (with low humidity it almost felt like winter), so I thought about turning on the oven and making ginger snap cookies to go with the ice cream. But the timing wasn’t quite right. So, here I am beginning the weekend, with more time to bake, yet back to higher temperature and humidity. Oh, well. Sometimes you just have to bake. That should get our weekend off to a good start, as any delicious food will do. Bon Appétit!

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