Revealing the Truth

I don’t know you, I don’t really know you, until I have spent time and shared stories with you. What I see first is the surface, like the bark of a tree with so much hidden beauty in its depths; beauty created by worm holes, cracks and stains. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, sharing our stories and uncovering our uniqueness, our true self can be revealed.

The art exhibit I viewed at the monastery includes beautiful wood creations by Keith Armstrong. In his artist’s statement, Keith says, “Wood speaks to him (the artist), telling him what it wants. Often the artist’s plan must be set aside so that the wood’s desires can be revealed. Cracks, worm holes, bark, stains, bacterial decay and water all play a part in making a piece come alive. Although the cells have long since stopped being active, the wood of a tree has life. As nature works on the wood, it metamorphoses. The artist’s plan must respond to what is discovered after layer by layer the wood’s true nature is revealed.”

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