I am thankful for our Christian Educator and the creativity she brings to children of all ages. This was day two of Vacation Bible School, and our story was about Moses and the burning bush. As we all gathered before dispersing to various age groups, the story was acted out by the children. Never have I seen a burning bush like this before. It cannot be adequately described, but it involved one child in golden sparkly shorts, eight “flaming” arms, and lots of imagination. This familiar Bible story was brought to life in a way that I and those present are likely not to forget.

As I listen to people share stories, I love to hear them speak about their passion. I can tell when they speak of their spark; their eyes glow. Our son, who just finished an internship writing articles for a Swedish publication, was asked to “find the spark in the story.” As he shares news with us of his time abroad and writing about topics that inspire him, we can feel his passion and excitement. When our daughter conducts a choir or is moved by a piece of music that inspires her to write about it, her passion is evident. When God called Moses via the burning bush, Moses hesitated because he didn’t think he was capable of doing what God asked him to do. But, Moses turned toward God and said, “Yes!” and he went on to do great things.

When God calls my name, “Anne, Anne….” if I don’t turn toward that voice, I miss an opportunity to grow in faith and be Christ’s hands in the world. When I answer and say, “Here I am,” I may discover a spark I hadn’t known was possible. I practice saying “yes” even when I fear failure or the challenge. I say “yes” if I feel a “yes” in my heart, trusting and knowing God will be with me.

One thought on “Flaming”

  1. Thank you, Anne! What a beautiful summation of Moses and the Burning Bush and God’s Call to us. What a wonderful team we have making VBS possible from 4 yrs old to 84❤️

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