Faith in Motion

VBS week ended with a joyful celebration complete with food truck fellowship after singing in worship. The children learned motions to help them remember words to the songs. The movements sure helped me remember the words, too! In fact, with the tunes stuck in my head all week, it was difficult to sing the words without their choreography.

The children also learned how to prepare for prayer. It was amazing how quiet the hall of 100 became when we were challenged to be still and listen to the silence.

Projects for various mission agencies were also put into motion by delivering bread to the food bank, making sensory mats for children, and filling dental kits. I can talk and meet about ministry, but until I embody by doing, I haven’t allowed the words to really sink in and express themselves.

Besides doing, I also believe in the act of being. Being is the contemplative side of doing, and an important balance to life. It prepares us to “do.” How have I embodied my faith today by doing and being?

With Jesus in the boat, we can smile in the storm, smile in the storm, smile in the storm. With Jesus in the boat, we can smile in the storm, as we go sailing home… (Ask me and I’ll teach you the motions!)

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