Blue Teeth

Our son is in Denmark, preparing to begin a new school year. Last week, while staying with his aunt and uncle in Sweden, he excitedly told us they had blueberry soup for dinner (Norwegian Blaebaer Suppe). Wow! I’ve never tried this before, but I had fresh blueberries on reserve. So tonight, my husband away on a business trip, I decided to make blueberry soup for just me, myself and I. Finding a recipe in my blueberry cookbook from Michigan, I thought, “How could this not taste good!” The kitchen smelled heavenly as the blueberries simmered. The berries were strained so those pesky blue skins wouldn’t get stuck in my teeth. I was tempted to dye something in that beautiful blue juice, but it all went into the soup as the recipe called for.

After enjoying it warm, then trying it later as a cold soup, I laughed at my blue teeth and tongue, reminiscent of childhood “snow cone mouth.” Maybe this is why it’s not served at many restaurants. If you notice my blue teeth in church, please chuckle and be reminded of the goodness and bounty that our Lord provides for us to enjoy! I’ll try to smile extra big.

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