Creative Spirit

Tonight I attended an evening of music reading sessions led by Michael Burkhardt. The first session was on children’s choirs, and I appreciate how he led it with such passion and infectious energy. When I think back to my favorite childhood teachers, the ones I remember were good storytellers and made me feel important. The best teachers taught so creatively, I wasn’t even aware I was learning. One of the vocal exercises we experienced in our class tonight involved moving while we sang. This movement allowed our voices to express the music with more freedom and ease. Even if we don’t actually move while singing in performance, if the music is rehearsed that way, we may still feel its inner movement. When I have a mind-block, many times creative expression will return if I just move. I might walk, do mundane work, sing, play the piano, draw, pray, exercise or write. I am thankful for all teachers, but especially those who have and continue to inspire and encourage my creative spirit to shine.

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