Feeding the Ache

I arrived in Boston (9/2/17) after a long, wonderful journey. I never could have imagined the twists and turns, the new friends made, and the things I learned about myself and my faith along the way. It was nice to see familiar faces again. After helping our daughter move into her first apartment, my husband and I drove the long way back home; not quite as many twists and turns this part of the trip. After a journey such as this, it takes time to ruminate about everything experienced. I didn’t forget Br. Placid’s gentle nudge encouraging me to share my story, yet I wasn’t quite sure how to begin, so I kept putting it off. But God knows what to do! I was reminded of this when I read my journal:

10/25/17 This morning I was filled with so much energy of God’s joy – could hardly contain it, so I paced. I feel as if God is drawing me closer and it’s a bit scary yet exciting. I think I need to “release” some of this energy by starting a blog and writing.

10/27/17 I’m having that “God feeling” again this morning. An overwhelming emotion that I can’t name. It’s as if God is asking me to do something and I’m not quite sure what I’m being asked to do, yet I know I have to begin by writing.

When meeting with Elizabeth Canham in North Carolina (August 2017) she recommended an author I might like, Macrina Weiderkehr, so I read a few of her books during this “in-between” time. The following passage is from “A Tree Full of Angels.”

The ache in our heart needs to be fed. Crumbs are entirely sufficient…for the person who has learned to see with inner eyes there are no leftovers. Everything in life can be nourishing…our real presence can feed the ache for God in others.

Soon after, I set up my blog and began to write.

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