Things That Make Me Smile

The minute I saw this exotic fruit, rambutan, I wanted to toss it in the air and throw it to someone across the produce aisle. But I may have gotten kicked out of the global market. They look just like the rubber balls our children played with. Could rambutans have been the creative spark behind the invention of these soft, spiky toys? Discovering them was an unexpected surprise that put a smile on my face today. When I encounter things that make me smile, that memory stays with me for a long time. I hold onto every ounce of its positive energy for times when I need a boost of fun and creativity. After reading a bit about the rambutan, I found out it is a relatively common fruit in its native region of Southeast Asia; as common as an apple is in areas with cooler climates. Knowing this encourages me to view the common fruit I eat with fresh eyes. But not just fruit…everything in my life, because not everyone in the world has access to what I am surrounded by day after day. And it doesn’t stop there. The beauty I see each day doesn’t show the hidden beauty inside. The white flesh of the rambutan has a grape-like texture and sweetness, and to my delight it popped right out of its bright, spiky rind. These are things I might miss as I go about my daily routine if I don’t pay attention to the outer and inner beauty of God’s creation. The things that make me smile.

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