Failure and Fruition

My husband likes to quote movie lines. One that stuck in our daughter’s memory is a line from The Game. He was tired of waiting for her to get up for school and, about to be late to work, blurted out the Michael Douglas line, “You failed!” These two words still haunt her after 10+ years.

When I fail at something, I think about it a lot and wonder how I can have a more favorable outcome. After fermenting the teff seeds a few weeks ago, relying on capturing wild yeast spores from the air, the whole mixture failed. I tried again using finer teff flour and a bit of active dry yeast. It was a better batter, but the consistency was too thick so it didn’t cook through. Two soggy messes later I added water to thin out the batter, and my final attempt, though not perfect, became alive with popping holes. If I fear failure, I lose out on opportunities to learn. The beauty of faith is that there are no right answers and no way to fail.

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