Spanish for “salt bread”, pandesal (pan de sal) has been a staple bread roll in the Philippines for generations. Despite its name, it is slightly more sweet than salty. It is commonly spread with butter, coconut jam, condensed milk, peanut butter or cheese during breakfast or as a midday snack; sometimes eaten as a simple sandwich filled with a piece of fried Spam. It is also dipped into black coffee or Filipino hot chocolate (tsokolate). The bread crumbs on top add a bit of crunchy goodness. A “dirty ice cream” is a dessert in which pandesal replaces the cone and is stuffed with ice cream.

Pan de sal is the favorite Bread of Masa‘. For Professor Doreen Fernandez, the pan de sal is the bread of our history, at the core of our culture, at the heart of our tastes.” ~Jahweh Huerta, The Philippines

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