National Homemade Cookies Day

My favorite cookie story…Whenever I make cookies, I double or triple the batch and freeze some dough in case I need cookies in a hurry for that unexpected something. Like when your child says, “Mom, I forgot to tell you it’s my turn to bring snack for_______tomorrow”. Yes, I could purchase a snack, but baking from scratch just brings me joy. So it’s really my own fault. Now on to the story. One of our children, while still living at home, needed cookies for something (I’m pretty sure rowing was involved). Confidently pulling out the homemade cookie dough from the basement freezer and opening the container, something didn’t look quite right. I was sure there had been more dough in the carton. I popped the mound out and discovered teeth marks on the underside of the dough. Our sleuth had sniffed out the frozen, hidden dough, was snacking on it, and tried to cover up the evidence! It was difficult to be angry through my laughter.

Cookies have always warmed my heart. Yesterday, a friend shared the news that October 1st is National Homemade Cookies Day. I had planned to workout, but….baking won. I tried a new cookie recipe that another friend recently shared from a bakery in Paris. Most of the flour is rye, and another unexpected ingredient is poppy seeds. I substituted dried cherries for the cranberries since I had cherries on hand, and the best ingredient of all? Bittersweet chocolate.

I just read that the average person consumes almost 19,000 cookies in a lifetime. That’s a lot of love! I wonder how many pounds of cookie dough that translates to? Whenever I bake, these days at a more leisurely pace, I remember those precious times of frantic baking. Those were hours I can never replace, filled with immeasurable love.

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