I love occasions to celebrate, and I think the world could use more joy. I am so excited to celebrate our Christian unity with brothers and sisters from East and West, North and South, this World Communion Sunday. Earlier today as we set up the space where bread will be served tomorrow, the artifacts on display really struck me as quite special. Bread speaks a regional language, and the fabric of these places also tells a story. What a powerful thing when displayed together.

Members from Taiwan are sharing their story through Mantou steamed buns and music. Families from Serbia and Greece are displaying pieces of their heritage, and archaeologists in our congregation are adding to the story with Syrian plaster casts of ancient monastery ruins from AD 900-1000. Another family, having recently returned to America from living many years in Singapore, are sharing beautiful tapestries and ancient relics from their life there. And the stories continue throughout our festival. Over forty different breads; many more stories. I hope those who visit and sample will speak with the faces behind the tables, adding their own stories as we celebrate our differences, but mostly our similarities.

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