Sheaves of Wheat

Our congregation has come to recognize the text and tune for “Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ,” sung in worship yesterday. Its familiarity allows us the freedom to dance a bit, along with rhythmic percussion, as it’s sung. Glancing through our hymnal, I was drawn to the text of another hymn, this one not as familiar to me. “Sheaves of Wheat,” by Spanish author/composer Cesáreo Gabaráin (translated by Mary Louise Bringle), includes language which resonates with me; my passion for creating bread and our shared stories and experiences connecting us all.

Sheaves of wheat turned by sunlight into gold, grapes in clusters, like rubies on the vine, feed our hearts as the precious blood and body of our Lord: gifts of heaven from earthly bread and wine.

Here we gather to share a common meal. We are harvest by God the Sower sown, brought together to share the joys and sorrows that we feel, all refined by life’s common grinding stone.

As each grain blends to form a single loaf, or as notes weave to shape a single song, or as droplets unite within the ocean’s depth and foam, to each other as Christians we belong.

At the table of God we join to eat, and as sisters and brothers break the bread. Fed by faith, hope, and love, we sing our joy to all we meet, as the body of Christ, our living head.

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