We Are All Composers

We ate dinner out last night. “Husband’s choice” for his birthday, so he chose a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant that we hadn’t visited in awhile. The menu is quite extensive, with choices I hadn’t remembered, such as eel, squid and caramelized catfish. Our selections seemed tame, but they were delicious!

I look forward to the end of an Asian meal when the fortune cookies arrive. Even though I’m usually full, I find room for the crunchy almond cookie. The message in mine was a lovely ending to the day: A cheerful heart makes its own song. It reminds me that I can choose the song I sing as I live my life. I can make the choice each day to have a cheerful heart and conduct my life in this way. As I wake up each day, I pray that God will guide my heart, composing many songs of joy.

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