Gobs of Gobs

A friend from western Pennsylvania made pumpkin gobs over the weekend and shared some with me. He grew up with fond memories of eating his mother’s homemade gobs. Countless people of all ages have enjoyed them for decades, but I had never heard of these small cake sandwiches with sweet, creamy filling. Most gobs are chocolate flavored and reminiscent of whoopie pies; some are called BFOs (big fat Oreos). There is historical debate over their true origin, and Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia and New Hampshire all claim to be the birthplace of this bakery treat. The Amish recipe is said to have been handed down through generations and may have been brought to America by German immigrants, but nothing has been officially documented. With so much commotion about their origin, they must be good! Tastes from my childhood bring back pleasant memories. I have old recipe boxes from my relatives which include some of my favorites. Sharing these recipes with my family creates a way of handing them down through the generations, becoming tasteful memories for gobs of years.

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