No Whey. Yes Whey!

I got a new toy last week. A yogurt maker! As I passed by the discount table it kept looking at me. First, I glanced at the pictures on the box, then I wandered around a bit more. I strolled by the table again, picked up the box and examined it for a price, trying not to look too obvious. No price. Hmmm. Now I was really curious, so I asked. The salesperson was very knowledgeable, and I thought to myself, “I do eat yogurt every day for lunch but probably would not make it without the help of this machine.” I walked away with a new appliance.

Since then I have experimented with different cultures, three kinds of milk, and various mix-ins such as blood orange simmered in honey, lemon, blueberries with orange zest, and Luxardo cherry (mmmm). I learned how to drain the whey to make Greek or Icelandic-style yogurt. After draining several batches I wondered what I could make with the leftover whey. It seems like such a waste to pour it out. I found a recipe for cinnamon whey biscuits, got up in the middle of the night to bake them, and they are delicious. I’m smelling them now fresh from the oven. What was old is new again! I wonder what other things in my life I toss aside waiting to be transformed.

3 thoughts on “No Whey. Yes Whey!”

  1. You are so adventuresome, always finding new and different way to concoct flavors that sound delicious. I just am not that creative but applaud your God given talent.❤️


  2. I love this reflection. It makes me want to make yogurt once again. Haven’t done it in years – since I handed my yogurt maker on to my son. Maybe I need to hang around some sale tables at William Sonoma…

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