There’s an App for That

My brother-in-law, who lives in Northern Sweden, has a Northern Lights app. When visiting him in December there was a break in the clouds during a time when there was a higher chance of seeing this mystical phenomenon. We dressed in layers, set-up our chairs and blankets, and turned off all the house lights. Then we waited. And we waited. I didn’t really know what to look for. Or even what part of the sky to give my full attention to. I saw lots of shooting stars though! There we were, the four of us, waiting in the dark with heads looking up to the skies. More clouds rolled in and covered up our chances of seeing any lights, so we moved inside and enjoyed hot chocolate and Fika.

When I am searching for something, but don’t know quite where to look, I look everywhere. There’s an app for many things, but some things require more energy and aren’t easily found. I hope I remember, every day, to be as thorough and alert when searching for God.

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