Disrupt Me

I am at the Benedictine monastery this week on retreat with God. Arriving with no expectations, I’ve learned that my own agenda disappoints me and gets in the way of deeper growth. So, I’m trying not to be disappointed that my room is as far away from the bell tower as I’ve ever been before. I would have been fine with that on my first visit here, several years ago, when the bells kept me up all night as they resounded every fifteen minutes. But that disruption transformed a piece of me that has never left. Why is it that I now want those same bells with me day and night? Maybe because the bells remind me of God and how he disrupts our lives, and that is not a bad thing.

Today I am listening to God in the raindrops. Steady, gentle showers, gusts of water pellets, transforming life, meditative droplets trickling down the windowpane, peaceful; watering thirsty trees…and me.

Awake, my soul!

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